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Who Am I

In a shopkeeper in Ankara and Germany after living as a laborer child of human rights in my country when I returned to Turkey, I saw the abyss of workers' rights and living standards. In every sector I worked, I worked as a business owner and I tried to get the European standards of the country conditions and always wished better. And between 1980 and 2014, by doing Administrative Affairs and Office Management, Foreign Trade and Logistics Expertise and Environmental and Waste Management Expertise, I thought that the implementation of EU living standards would be the most important service to humanity in my country. Based on this in mind the health of our citizens living in Turkey 76 million and had a mission to tell the future interests Environment and Waste Management. I continue my career as Environmental Consultant and Project Volunteer.


Yazı Bulunamadı


”Sustainability should be handled as a management strategy“

Sustainability, unfortunately, is not dealt with as a holistic policy both in the public sector and in all institutions and enterprises. We have no clear understanding of our policies, plans and sustainability regarding sustainability. We create disorganized policies by keeping the interconnected components separate from each other. Naturally, we both increase our costs and we cannot take adequate measures for the environment.

The understanding, dissemination, adoption and policies of sustainability should be explained and taken into consideration in our country. Sustainability requires taking responsibility in a wide range of areas, identifying and managing risks, and implementing continuous improvement measures. By touching the magic wand we cannot make everything perfect at a snap and no work should be targeted and realized by distributing it to long-term years with the measures to be taken in short-term, wide-ranging operations.

First of all, local administrations should be aware of what kind of steps will be on sustainability with permanent operations in their fields of activity, what kind of measures should be taken in the project investments to be made for the society, sustainability can be ensured, what kind of continuities in terms of human rights, health and security are necessary. Operations require crucial measures. Sustainability should be considered as a management strategy. Natural resources, economic needs, environmental and social balances to be made sustainable by constructing, to prepare a healthy infrastructure for future generations.

By following the developments in the world, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector have to develop themselves in the modern and contemporary perspective. It is absolutely necessary to process the Green, Green Economy, Green-Work, in short, with the Green vision to the essence of ENVIRONMENTAL LIFE.

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